Choosing our services means you can avoid the complexities of dealing with multiple sources to sell or give away valuable items. Our market knowledge and experience guarantee the best possible returns with minimal effort on your part, allowing you to focus on more critical aspects of your situation. Whether you're selling off furnishings during a property sale, remodeling your home, or handling an estate, we are the one-stop solution to save you time and money.
If you have any inquiries or want to explore your options further, don't hesitate to contact us or schedule a free in-home consultation.

At Resort Estate Liquidation, we understand the challenges of selling an estate and wanting to part ways with the contents of that estate. Possibly  you have acquired a furnished property and want to sell the furnishings or need to liquidate the estate of a family member, we are here to simplify the process for you. Our expertise lies in conducting exceptional online estate auctions, which allows us to reach a broader audience of potential buyers, resulting in higher prices and increased profit for you. Unlike consignment stores, we ensure that all items in the home are sold, maximizing your returns.

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Payment is collected and pick up is scheduled. We staff & schedule the pick up for minimal impact on your home. Any items that do not sell are hauled away for donation. You are presented with an itemized sales report and a check.

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Marketing has already started but becomes the main focus. We have researched items that are being sold and find the right audience to market to. The auction will run 10 to 14 days.



We began work, by organizing, taking photos and cataloging all furnishings in your home. After a week or two we are ready to upload the your items into Auction Ninja, a nationwide auction platform.



Identify what you will be selling and when the home needs to be empty. Discuss dates with our team and sign a contract. 

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 1. How Do I Register to Bid?
If you don’t already have an Auction Ninja account, you’ll need to create one. Once you have an account, you’ll be able to register and bid in any of our auctions, and also any auction, with any company on the AN platform, across the entire country. You’ll also be able to perform detailed proximity searches for any items, nearby or far away. 

 2. What If I Win an Item?
Shortly after the auction ends, winning bidders will be notified via a win email, at the email address used to register for the auction. The email will also include an invoice for your records. This email will explain how to sign up for the pick up of your item.

 3. Do You Offer Shipping?
We can offer shipping for most of our auctions, but not necessarily on all items. Please refer to the details of that item, and that auction. Most smaller items can be shipped via UPS, or USPS. Large items can be shipped via freight, but some items are not suitable for shipping. If you wish to have an item shipped, you must verify in the auction description that shipping is available on that item, then contact us immediately after the auction closes to make arrangements. 

 4. I’m Nearby, Do You Offer Delivery?
We are working on offering curbside delivery options (for a fee) to our local buyers, up to 20 miles from the auction location. Local delivery options are considered “curbside” only, meaning we will bring it, loaded on our truck or trailer, to your building, parking lot or driveway; however, you must supply the labor to move your items inside. 

 5. Can I Preview the Auction Items?
No, we do not offer the option to preview. You must feel comfortable with purchasing via photos only.

 6. What If I Miss the Scheduled Pick Up?
We realize that emergencies may come up, but not all auction locations are acceptable for storage. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of that specific auction for more details. We can usually accommodate alternate dates/times, for a daily storage fee, but you must contact us prior to pick up day and make arrangements. If we do not hear from you by the end of auction pick up, we will consider those items abandoned, and monies paid will be forfeit. You may also be charged a disposal fee. 

 7. How Do I Pick Up My Items? Will There Be Help?
No, there is no help that will be onsite on pick up day. You must bring your own manpower to lift and move furniture. You are also required to bring any packing material you may need.

 8. Can I Send Another Party to Pick Up Items on My Behalf?
Yes, but this must be arranged beforehand. You must notify us in writing, authorizing, and identifying the party responsible for removing your items. When picking up your items, the 3rd party must present an id.

 9. Is There a Guarantee on items?
We are an auction company first, and foremost. This means all items are sold “as-is, where-is.” As a courtesy, we do our best to give an honest assessment and description of the item. However, we strongly advise exercising due diligence before bidding, inspecting photos and reading all descriptions before bidding. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, you must inform us prior removing your item from the premises.

 10. Is There a Reserve?
Most of our auctions will be sold without a reserve, with all bids starting at just $1. However, occasionally a reserve may be necessary as required by the seller. If there is a reserve, it will be determined by the seller, and clearly stated in the item description.

 12. Can an Auction Be Sniped?
No. If any bids are placed within the last few minutes of an auction lot closing, the closing of that lot will be extended for 5 minutes to allow all bidders to catch up and assess their next bid. This prevents “bid-sniping” and provides a better experience for everyone.


1. Do Online Auctions work?
YES! The biggest reason that online auctions work is because it allows you to have a much larger bidder pool! That sound great doesn’t it? Because your auction is online, bidders don’t have to be in your location to easily attend. In fact, they could be from several states away! And because they can set a maximum bid, they don’t have to worry about even being at their computer during the auctions! More bidders mean more bids, more bids means more competition, more competition means higher final bids! Which is a huge win for your company and your sellers!

2. Will Bidders Be Able To Find My Auctions?
YES! With our robust advertising behind your auctions we make sure that bidders are properly informed. We have an email list of 2,000 + bidders that we will send the link of your auction to. Make sure to post the link to your auction on your social media, and send and email to all of your friends. 

3. What’s The Deal With Commission?
Commission is paid on a sliding scale which is outlined in your contract and will be discussed beforehand. The sales report that you will receive with your check will be itemized and show the commission paid for each item sold in the auction.

5. How Long Will It Take To Set Up The Auction?
When you work with REL Resort Estate Liquidation, you can have your online auctions set up in weeks, not months! Every auction is different but after the initial consultation we should have a good idea of how long it will take. It typically takes 5-14 days to get an auction up and online.

6. How Long Will The Auction Run For?
Auctions run between 7 to 14 days.

7. When will I receive payment after the auction?
Every auction is unique and credits and fees will need to be paid before payout occurs but usually you will receive a check within 14 business days of the auction closing. 

8. What Fees Am I Responsible For?
The seller may be charged to have movers onsite the day of pick up. We will discuss this at the initial consultation. We have found that having movers at the home before pick up and having items ready for bidders creates a smooth move out day. This decreases the possibility of damage happening to the home and or the furniture. If there is furniture that does not sell we will have all items removed and taken to charity or the dump
 depending on what is agreed upon. If you chose to have your auction run off site then you will incur cost to have your furniture moved and for storage.

9. Can I Change My Mind And Pull An Item From The Auction?
No, you cannot pull anything once the auction goes live. You may purchase items back but know that you will pay tax, AN fees & the buyers premium.