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Welcome to Resort Estate Liquidation – Where Elegance Finds New Beginnings!

At Resort Estate Liquidation, we are more than just a business; we are a celebration of life's transitions and transformations, an ode to design, and a testament to the beauty that surrounds us. Founded by a passionate mother of two beautiful girls, Jennifer Pronga, began a journey with a love for design and a mission of bringing unique furnishings to homes across the country. 

Resort Estate Liquidation represents the culmination of decades of design expertise and a heartwarming commitment to family values. Our focus? Dismantling the essence of beautiful design and finding fresh homes for the most extraordinary and high-end furnishings.
Our unique approach accomplishes more than just making room for the latest design trends; it opens doors for people across the country to adorn their homes with pieces that exude character and charm.
Our journey is two-fold: we collaborate with homeowners looking to breathe new life into their spaces, and we partner with seekers of exceptional furnishings. We merge the worlds of sophistication and practicality, design and function, aspiration and reality.

Join us on this remarkable adventure as we embrace design dreams, elevate estates and enrich lives in every step we take.

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ReHome High Country Virtual Estate Auctions simplifies the process of estate sales by conducting convenient virtual (online) auctions. Virtual auctions engages an expanded audience that increases sales.

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